The Butler Weldments Corporation is a versatile steel fabrication and machining business with a 30 year tradition of quality and integrity.  Our commitment to outstanding customer service, consistent product quality and on-time delivery is the cornerstone of our excellent reputation in the industry.

Over the past three decades, The Butler Weldments Corporation has expanded and adapted to best serve the changing needs of the manufacturing industry. Our facilities, capable of producing a wide range of products, are centrally located in the United States as well as globally competitive Mexico. 
Our locations in Texas and Mexico allow us the flexibility and competitive edge to provide our customers with the competitively priced and quality products they deserve. Our highly skilled team of employees manufactures fabrications for a variety of industries including but not limited to power generation, national defense, construction, petrochemical, mining and various original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).
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1200 Industrial Boulevard
Cameron, TX 76520